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Asus ROG Crosshair Viii Impact Bios Help

Hello! I just built my new system the other day and I do understand that most would say that a 120mm AIO isn't good enough for a Ryzen 9 5900x.I believe it is. My situation is that with Ryzen Master I can lock all of my cores to 4.3ghz at 1.1v and it...

AIRic by Level 7
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Asus DRAM CLK Period Memory Setting

Just doing a little Memory tweaking on my Apex mb today and wonder what does changing the DRAM CLK Period Setting from auto to a set number do,is it ok to tweak this,I have found post at another site saying DRAM CLK Period: Can really affect performa...

NIK111 by Level 7
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XMP1 Setting on Maximus Extreme XIII Fails

I have 4 32GB GSkill DDR4 - 4000 capable RAM sticks. I have a total of 128 GB RAM. They run standard at 1333 or 2666 Mhz.My sticks can run at 2000 or 4000 Mhz.As XMPI fails and crashes at boot time this means I have to do it manually. I am at a loss ...

fabio_ by Level 7
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Static vs Adaptive Voltage

My "old" 10940x and my Rampage Apex VI is burned out,i dont know whats happening but CPU ran never above 1.25v and now have thinkngs about the voltage of my new CPU.Is it better for CPU Life to have a static voltage oder adaptive?!I am worry about s...

zocker by Level 9
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Confused after overclocking attempt

So I tried to use the AI overlock on my Z390-f Gamer and my i9900kIt said I could do 4700hmz so I put it on that and worked well for a day, then it started to crash, both just restarts, freezes and bluescreens. So I put it back, also tried XMP on the...

GunnyF by Level 7
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Intel i7-10750H DRAM frequency

Seeing that Intel hasn't released an BIOS update that'd allow us to increase the clock speed up to 3200 Mhz, why bother with DDR4-3200? I ask because I am considering going for a lower frequency, lower latency (and cheaper) 32G (2 x 16GB) Kingston Hy...

Overclocking beginner needs some advice

Hi all,This is my first time to overclock my new rig.I just got an AMD 5800x after waiting for three months. I have Dark Hero mobo.I tried many different manual/auto options and I cannot get past 4.6G for all-core OC.I tried VCore Offset and set the...