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Auto vs Manual AI Overlock Tuner

ASUS ROG Strix B550-ICMK16GX4M2B3200C16Ai Overclock Tuner in BiosManual Vs AutoI am trying to get my RAM to run at DDR-3200. The other day I could swear I set Memory Frequency to DDR-3200MHzand when I booted up somehow all the other RAM timings where...

Memory bandwidth

Hello all I have a question, I recently upgraded to aAsus Maximus XIII z59o mb paired with an Intel I9 11900k cpu. @4.9GhzRunning crucial sniper Ballistics Elite 32gig at 3600mhz.I ran a few bench marks and noticed in Sandra Lite 2020 my memory ban...

Asus Fan Xpert hotkey to switch profiles

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to use hotkeys or even better a temperature trigger (not CPU/core temp) to change fan profiles in fan Xpert? I have several profiles, but have to go in to the software to change the profile man...

Sunstorm by Level 7
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Upgrade BIOS got a small improvement in overclock

Hi all,I just upgraded my bios to 3401 (Dark Hero mobo) and needed to re-tune the system from scratch again.I got a little improvement in the overall performance of my 5800x system.Please let me know if my numbers are reasonable or low.Thanks,GTDrago...

Maximus XI Hero & i9 9900k oc

Hi all. I've been using some info from here to oc my pc. I've used x-rated's recommended settings from a previous post ....(EXTREME TWEAKER:AI Overclock Tuner.................................XMP ISVID Behavior......................................Be...

djmarks by Level 9
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ASUS Z390 Load Line Calibration Discussion

Hi all.As title says, I would like to discuss the LLC (Load Line Calibration) from ASUS Z390 series.I have been reading a lot about it recently, and it's quite confusing at times, therefor this thread in hopes of getting even more clarification on th...

joppiano by Level 7
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