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Installing an ssd on a ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71

Hello, i would like to know if the laptop that i recently brought (ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71) has a separate ssd bay (2.5'') so that i can install an ssd and keep the 1Tb hdd that came with the laptop.I have to ask because there were some missleading pos...

Power Cable for OC Panel

I'm using a Maximus VI Extreme and I discovered by accident that the OC panel seems to work happily with no SATA power cable attached - ie with just the data cable plugged in. It seems to make no difference to the operation whether the SATA cable is...

OC Panel just shows 0 values

Hi,my OC Panel is connected to the Rampage 5 Extreme, but it just shows 00 values.Do I need to install a separate software in order to show data on the panel?On AI Suite 3 I see all datas of my computer, but not on OC Panel.regards J

Mem TweakIt... possible?

Hello guys ..to be noted that there are practical..I've seen a few pictures of people having the ability to use Mem TweakIt with the 4790k...Well, when I say that I mean their boxes aren't greyed out.... You can clearly see that he is able to adjust ...

DejaVu by Level 9
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Only 16GB out of 32GB of RAM being seen

I built my system a few weeks ago. Bios saw 32GB of RAM fine. Had and seem to still have stability issues since the build. Many times would have to clear CMOS to get the PC to get to BIOs and then to Win 10. I updated the bios to 1701 today and as...

CDRCHOP by Level 7
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What Is SupremeFX III?

SupremeFX has been a staple addition to Republic of Gamers motherboards ever since the very first Crosshair. Its design is focused on improving sound quality beyond the standard that most motherboards included, by putting the audio onto a separate so...

X-ROG by Level 15
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ASUS Rampage IV Extreme and i7 4960X BIOS problem.

Hi,I'm new here, and first time ROG product owner, so sorry if break the forum rules. I have problem with this configuration. Mobo: Rampage IV Extreme BIOS 1404.CPU i7 4960X.My mobo doesn't start with this CPU, no POST, red LED CPU error flash.My o...

jaroo111 by Level 7
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