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Hero IV ROG1 Updating

My Asus Maximus hero vi mother is stuck in the Rog1 updating screen. The board will reach one hundred then start over. My comp starts reAlly slow and shows the post code "10". After that it shows the Asus boot screen but won't let me enter bios. I ...

Niceone by Level 7
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BIOS Update.......Fail

I have a Hero VII and decided to upgrade my Bios, Mistake #1All went well except on the second reboot when I got a message "can not find BOOTMGR" and I could not get any further, Windows would not load.OK, I decide to use EZ update via memory stick ...

Bug report - Z87-C (possibly other Z87's) - URGENT

Not sure how and where to do this so I'll just do it here and hopefully you guys can point me to the right place.I just spent over 20 hours upgrading from Win7 to Win10, formatting my SSD and losing a ton of application settings that I didn't intend ...

Maximus VIII Gene Vcore adaptive mode issue

Have an issue with my Gene MB when CPU Vcore uses adaptive mode settings. Everything works fine until computer wakes from sleep (aka standby). Doesn't matter if it sleeps only for a few seconds so it's nothing to do with CPU getting cooler. What happ...

eldata by Level 8
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Replacement Sli Bridge

First off, if this is in the wrong room please move.My graphics cards are in the No 1 and No 3 slots, and I am currently using the ribbon SLi cable that came with my mother board.I have tried fitting the 3 way SLi board (Cos it'll look neater) that c...

Aew6317 by Level 7
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Can I switch my CPU on my G751JL?

Hi can I put an I3 instead of the I7 in my laptop.i7-4720HQswap to I34160Cheers.i was trying to find how many pins the I7 has, but can not find the details.Cheers.

molokow by Level 7
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