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Uncore ?

could someone please explain Uncore to me i don't see those settings in the uefi is it called something else.i have reached my OClock limit at 4.4 1.320 voltage max temp on real bench 72 and i have been reading about being stopped at thispoint becaus...

Asus rog g20

Can anyone tell me what hard drive is compatible with the the asus rog g20? my hard drive crapped out and i have no idea where to even begin. p.s. I'm a newb when it comes to pc hardware.

G73sw no display after motherboard replacement

I've seen this issue show up in a couple of other places, but with no real explanation. I thought I'd try to tackle it once and for all here.Bought a G73SW and the DC input began sparking on occasion. Finally the mainboard shorted out. I replaced the...

ROG Front Base driver for Windows 10

As you know, Windows 10 has been out for over two weeks now, but I still see there's only drivers for Windows 8.1 on the ROG Front Base download page @ Asus.com - anyone know when the update is coming?

Buying An M.2 SSD

Hi!!After reading these articles:- Buying An M.2 SSD? How To Tell Which Is Which.- SSD Guide: PCI-Express, M.2, mSATA And SATA Express – The Differences Explained! - G771 Upgrade Guide.I have some doubts, my computer is an Asus G771JW-T7009H i7 8GB 1...

ROG Front Base Drivers

Hello,I have bought the ROG Front Base and it came with no CD/DVD with drivers. In the box there is a piece of paper saying to download the drivers before using it from Asus page, but when I try to open the address it say Page not found. It doesn't w...

InToSSH by Level 7
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Ripjaw X

Hey GuysNew guy here...I have had an Asus G74sx for almost 5 years now and i have gotten the BSOD of memory management.As i understand i need to change my RAM.I was looking around and found the Ripjaw X and the Corsair DominatorDo you have any experi...

ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z Q code 03

I recently built my rig and it was running smooth for about 3 weeks. I then started to notice that at boot, i would get a 06 Q code for about 3 seconds then it would change to Q code 03. I checked all the RAM, SSD, and WD green 2TB drives and they al...