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Post Code A3

Hey ROG forum! First time posting here. I was recently messing around with my bios because I'm a screwball. I changed a bunch of stuff and rebooted my pc. The ROG logo comes up for a few seconds and then it goes to a black screen with a blinking unde...

gl771j drivers for win7

So far most of the drivers I needed worked from the win8.1 I'm looking for any of the below, reference drivers if i must. 3d video controllerEthernet controllerpci communication devicesm budusb 3.0 driversI can not even get what hardware there is in ...

Serious about OC...but a noobie.

Hi, I hope you guys can help me get over this milestone of being able to overclock my cpu. I've been wanting to do it for a long time just never had the time to do but now i do. I've read quite a bit about it but always get mixed information whats sa...

Uncore ?

could someone please explain Uncore to me i don't see those settings in the uefi is it called something else.i have reached my OClock limit at 4.4 1.320 voltage max temp on real bench 72 and i have been reading about being stopped at thispoint becaus...