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Overclocking monitor beyond 60Hz

What are your thoughts on oc'ing a laptop monitor. I've got a G75VW laptop with a 1080p 60Hz Chi Mei monitor. I can overclock it using Nvidia control panel to 72Hz without skipping any frames (I tested this). There is a noticeable improvement in smoo...

AI suite 3 - 5 Way Optimization

Hey, I built a new setup last week. I-7 6700kZ170 pro gaminggtx 960 2x 8gb DDR4, 2666 MHz, CL15single 500gb ssdEverything worked out perfectly untill today when I installed Ai suite 3 and ran the 5 Way Optimization feature (Enabled memory stress test...

zps by Level 7
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Non K Overclocking - i3 6320

I thought I would give it a try and I managed a 5054 MHz OC on my M8E With a bios tweak I was able to increase my blk freq to 127 mhz and bumped my memory to 3600 mhz.I will post a bit more info tonight when I have more time. off to work again

meankeys by Level 13
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Best gaming backlit keyboard available with screen wireless or wired looking to upgrade need a really good one any ideas ?

Strix fan scraping

I have a Strix 960 that i got 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice it at first because i didn't play any games with it for the first while i had it but yesterday i loaded up League of Legends and the fans started going up to about 20-30% speed and are making...

Snapzz3 by Level 7
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Fan Xpert 3 - System Throttle?

Hi I wonder if someone can help me?I am trying to use Fan Xpert 3 to tune my fans better but when it finishes it says "CPU Fan Benchmark: Over Heat" But when I check my temps they are all ok, it says to check the CPU fan instillation which I have don...

Riamu by Level 7
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