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Mystery Shutdown

Odd shutdown,,In the morning I start the pc and it runs fine in windows 10 for about five minutes and then shuts off. I can turn it back on and it will then run the rest of the day without a problem.

Ram fit

Does 4x Hyperx Savage Low Profile 2400mhz fits perfectly with a motherboard Maximus Vii Formula and a cooler Noctua D14?

allocen by Level 7
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Problem build

So i have a MAXIMUS VII Formula, i want to upgrade the psu from Corsair 750 to Seasonic x-series 1250w. At the same time i plan to make a sli with 980ti. I also have Zalman Z-11 h1f1 plus case. Will everything be ok? No problem with fitting or small ...

allocen by Level 7
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G20BM - HDMI Issue + VGA Issue

First of i want to do a Dual Monitor but only one HDMI output work but the other doesnt which is strange second of on my GPU its says there is a VGA its actually Labelled VGA but its DVI? so i did some digging online and only one thing came up and it...


hello, I have a problem with the BIOS of a rampage V extreme 2011 v3 , I just changed the video card with a better and is now the new card works for me perfectly only thing when I enter GPU POST in the bios there is not recognized which can be connec...

Comsha by Level 7
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4790k one core running hot suddenly!

I haven't had much trouble with my rig up until recently. I upgraded from 4770k to a brand new 4790k and around Christmas. Also installed a new Corsair H110i GT. Had trouble with the cooler, ended up having to RMA it. I installed the new one and...

Z170 Pro Gaming board problems

Hi there,I purchased a Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard in early December. Initially I didn't experience any problems, but then about 2 weeks ago several problems became apparent:* Bluetooth stopped working, it was working, but then the icon suddenly dis...

Jim_Mc by Level 7
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