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Huge mouse problems.

Once again out of nowhere i started having huge mouse problems.My Asus Rog Gladius mouse started disconnecting and connecting in other words freezing from 2-5 sec.Gaming is out of the question unfortunately...I have tryed ( power management / Bios se...

OLIMOPA by Level 7
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1 beep, then 3- 4 beeps then doesnt start

Hi All,I have the extreme rampge IV and since 2 days when starting my PC I get one beep (normal) and then a few seconds later 3 (perhaps 4?) beeps close together, next my pc won't start up.Next I turn of the power, then start my PC and it starts up ...

Crasje by Level 12
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Ram problem Maximus VII Formula and Noctua-DH14

So, i have this problem like recently i decided to upgrade my 16 gb ram to 32 gb ram. The ram i use are called HyperX Beast at Freq of 2400mhz. The motherboard is Maximus VII Formula and the CPU Cooler is a Noctua DH14, the first two slots of ram ar...

allocen by Level 7
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AVX(2) and Z97-E (4790K)

Got a really odd situation here....my Z-97E, even under full load with the AVX heavy Prime95, will never get into the 90s with a CM Hyper-T4 cooler, and wattage indicated in CoreTemp never goes into the 100s.Now, with the same model cpu (4790K), with...

blppt by Level 7
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Which Cooler..

Hi All,I have a g30ab with the 4670k which I have had just over a year now, last night before I went to bed I popped into my office to grab some papers and noticed the fan on the rad sounded a little off.My question is what was the stock water-cooler...

Stylee by Level 7
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Need advice as im going with intel on this one i always liked the ROG MAXIMUS but now im undecided on what cpu to go with.... I want the best of the best and im not looking to build any other intel system this year so i need something powerful... I w...