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Help with laptop please

I have a ROG G46VW I bought a few years ago. I made the mistake of not redoing the OS to WIn 7. (Have 10 now)Works pretty well, but a few things bother me.1) When I am browsing the internet and such, it is prone to maxing out memory or disk and somet...

EK predator 360 leaking

I got EK predator 360 this month. And I found liquid on R5E and my graphic card today when I replacing my PSU. Then I checked CPU cover and it was leaking slowly. There is a huge bubble inside the cpu cover.Is there any one get the same problem?I hav...

kaaala by Level 7
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I want to buy two 140 fans for my hiioi gt what are the best for the job pull config want the best I can get

trainut by Level 7
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ASUS RMA Horror Story

I honestly thought I was finally going to have a working product the third time they sent me a motherboard in as many months, but it was not to be. ASUS sent me the same bent motherboard twice, before I finally got them to send me a different one. We...

ROG X99 ATX Motherboard?

Does anyone know if there are any plans for a Republic of Gamers X99 ATX motherboard? I'm planning on building a Broadwell-E system, but the Rmapage V Extreme won't fit in my case because it's E-ATX.

Birdie by Level 7
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SSD not visible after port change

Hi all-I *think* I've determined a slow read/write problem with one of my Samsung drives and am testing to find out.I've got two SSDs. One gets the advertised speeds thru the Magician performance test, and the other is 30% less. Looking at the HeroVI...

Newtie by Level 7
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hi all newbie here just joined wishing you all well can anyone explain this please all inputs welcome, did overclock to what I wanted 4.6 in bios. xmp sync all cores set my voltage to 1.270 set on manual all my other settings were ok exit. ...

trainut by Level 7
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HELP! Drivers needed! ASUS G752VL - GC409T

NOTE: I know this should have been posted in the software section, but it's related to hardware.So... I FINALLY managed to install windows 7 64 bit on my laptop Now. I've downloaded some drivers from this site: http://asusdriverdownload.com/asus-g75...

submitting file

Tried to submit my benchtest last night thru using online server. Found the rbr file and for some reason it wouldnt connect to asus site? Was it down or something or should I uninstall realbench and reinstall it?

drop4205 by Level 12
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