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Asus ROG Maximus VIII HERO Alpha Overclocking

Hey guys,I just put my new PC together using the new MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA. I did the EZ overclocking. When it boots it says it is 15% OC'ed.However when I go to MY COMPUTER and right click to check the speeds it still says 4.0GHZ. How is that OC'e...

Asus G20-BM GPU Upgrade options?

So I'm planning on getting the G20BM:-AMD FX 770K ( Quad-Core )-AMD Radeon R9 270-8GB RAMI definitely want to upgrade the graphics card. My question is what AMD graphics cards are compatible with the G20 series? I know a lot of people upgrade their G...


5960x X99-Pro Overclock Issues

Hi all,Running into a few problems when trying to overclock a 5960X on an ASUS X99-Pro/USB 3.1.It's been a few years since I last overclocked anything, so any help would be great.I'm using 32GB Patriot Viper 4 which is rated to run @ 2800Mhz (16-18-1...

Water cooling Kits

I am looking into Water cooling for the first time and would like to know of any recommended top of the line kits available. I have a CM Storm Stryker case to fit it into.I dont mind going extreme as i would like to keep my temps down as low as possi...

grassy by Level 12
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x99 debug BIOS/FIVR protection/alarms

On various systems at various times, I've encountered a condition where the machine would just instantly shut off. No warning, no message, just immediate power-off like a light switch.I am assuming this is one of the various alarms built into the sy...

cekim by Level 11
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RealBench Scoring Formula

Here's something I posted on another thread. I'm not certain if the formula for figuring the total benchmark score for the current RealBench has been released or if anyone has figured it out. I messed with it for some time and finally came up with h...

Gobe by Level 8
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Windows 7 Driver Compatibility - ASUS G752VT-DH72

Greetings,I have an ASUS G752 arriving tomorrow, which comes pre-installed with Windows 10. I am intending on downgrading the OS to Windows 7 x64, and was wondering if anyone knew if the existing drivers on the support site are compatible with Windo...

m0d1by by Level 7
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Crosshair IV formula motherboard help need :(

Hi everyone !Some time ago, I bought a Crosshair IV Formula with a AMD 6 cores (3.8ghz).No O.C., usual daytoday work. It was awesome ! a big difference with my old intel core duo 2.6ghz on a p5ld2 motherboard ...Then the cpu fan start to do some weir...