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Need help with OCing CPU!

Hi guys new to the forums here & thought I would give this a go as I need help to further my OCIng.I am very new to OCing but I have read extensively about my setup & watched videos on the web.So far I have managed to OC the CPU from 3.5 to 4.1 at 1....


Rampage V Extreme BIOS 1902 Overclocking Presets Help

I'm new to overclocking and wanted some expertise from the community. I searched the forums but didn't find a thread that answered my question so I might be posting this in the wrong section.Anyways, I recently put together my PC and have been breaki...

MXF5700 by Level 7
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Overclock GTX 980 strix

Hello everyone! I need some help to know if my GPU is with too much voltage with my OC because its set to auto. Using GPU tweak 2 i set power limit to 110, GPU boost clock to 1379. Memory clock to 7310, just that. And the voltage limit was 1200. Sho...

Problems with DDR4/3000 XMP Overclock

Hello,I'm experience crashing/rebooting/occasional BSODs when I run my memory in it's XMP profile with no other overclocks.With XMP enabled, the system can run MemTest for 24 hours with no errors, but crashes often in Windows, sometimes immediately a...

HELP! Cannot boot in OC Adaptive mode

Got my stuff, put it together all nice and snug, jumps in and OC gets what so far appear a stable 4600MHz at 1.312 vthinking im gonna want some life out of this gear, i thought to myself i shouldnt run it at full power all the time considering all th...

Gnuffi by Level 7
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Skylake i5 6600K OC voltage question

Hi all!So I decided to OC my i5-6600K to 4.6Ghz (initially 4.4ghz with auto voltage). But I am trying to not overvolt what my chip need so I set it to manual at 1.270v on MoBo(Maximus VIII Ranger), but the thing is when I run stress testing with prim...

Overclocking 6700K Skylake question?

Hello! So I am new to the overclocking scene and currently have my skylake processor overclocked to 4.8ghz @1.425core volts. My question is "Is the voltage to high for 4.8ghz?Also PC has been stable.PC Specs Belowhttp://pcpartpicker.com/p/XtCqYJ