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need help with overclocking my cpu

Hello, as the title says am looking to overclock both my cpu and my gpu to boost my gaming performance as am not happy with what i get in most games and i dont know why but with my setup i should be getting good results unless something is wrong with...

CiNCiTy by Level 7
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Adaptive Voltage behaviour

Hello RoG forum!I've spent the last few days oc'ing and testing my new i5 6600k and so far it went pretty smoothly during manual voltage tests.my pc:i5 6600kasus z170 pro gamingnzxt kraken x61g.skill 2x8gb ddr4 2666mhzseasonic s12g 550wI'm now stable...

Lapien by Level 7
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Intel XTU question

Hey all,I have a question about the Intel Extreme Tweaking Utility. I have a notebook that is already overclocked. I've been told that it was overclocked with the XTU and then the XTU software was deleted off the system. I was also told that If I ...

Slarti by Level 7
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What am I missing? Locks up at 4.9

I just put together my new rig (minus my STRIX 1080) and did a couple of runs and cant seem to get above 4.8. Any pointers?4.6 @ 1.31 with high 50's at 100% loadDram 3200 @ 1.350VCCIO 1.15System Agent 1.15CPU Load Line Level: 54.7 @1.32 with mid 60's...

Realbench Leaderboards broken?

I first noticed this a couple of days ago... the Leaderboards had been extensively redesigned, but nothing works. I kept waiting for them to either be fixed or *someone* to notice and post a thread, but nothing so far, so I'm wondering if it's just ...

Qwinn by Level 11
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228,173/5960x 200,568/5930k, or Darn you Menthol!

Combination goofing around and trying to decide on openCL/Cuda setup, I brought my 5930k R5E to the top of the 5930k list and my 5960x to #2.http://rog.asus.com/realbench/show_comment.php?id=135255930khttp://rog.asus.com/realbench/show_comment.php?id...

cekim by Level 11
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low image editing score @4.5ghz 5820k

Hi guys new to rog forums ...I want to know why is my image editing score so low compare to others using my same board same cpu speed..i attached a pic of my score.at my same cpu speed i see average of 200000+ ahttp://rog.asus.com/forum/attachment.ph...

Broadwell-E i7-6950X, i7-6900K Overclocking

Hi there RoGers. I'm here today looking for recommendations for a board/config for testing high clock speed systems with the new Broadwell-E chips. Currently I operate a fleet of Haswell 5960X's on Rampage V Extreme 3.1 boards @ 4.7GHz, with EKWB 3x ...