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1st Time Overclocker needs help

This Friday I'm going to be beefing up my cases cooling a little bit.After I'm done putting my new Bitfenix Spectre Pro red led fans (4 140mm. & 2 200mm.), I'm planning on overclocking my Intel Core i5 6600K cpu in my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard.I'...

Z170 Pro Gaming Slow Boot

It's taking around a minute for my Windows 10 Asus Z170 Pro Gaming system to boot. Doesn't seem to matter whether I set it to eco, rocket or away. I have 16 Gig of DDR4 3000 ram, a 256 mb Samsung 850 evo and a Geforce GTX 980ti Strix Gpu. Is there...

Nodeity by Level 7
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BIOS 3301 is awesome! 186359 with 5820K

I've been lurking for a long time. It looks like I have the #1 5820K, and I'm only topped by one 5930K with 4 GPUs. All this with memory at 2666 12-12-13-28! I thought I'd share my success with you folks, since it took a lot of work to get here ht...

Bad ram or bad OC?

HeyTrying to get my RipJawZ 2400MHz running 2400MHz while CPU run 4.6GHz. I manage to do 4.6GHz on cpu while RAM run 1866MHz, or 4.4GHz while RAM run 2133MHz. To get RAM running 2400MHz like on paper I probably have to go 4 GHzThis is my fall/winter ...

epos85 by Level 7
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Boot time is too slow

hi allhas i mentioned in the title my boot time is too slow around 2.5 minutes. i just bought new components mb asus x99 rampage V 10th editionproc: intel core i7 6800Kssd samsung 950 pro m.232 Gb ram corsair dominator i've upgraded the bios to the ...

wcoffee by Level 7
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RealBench 2.43 does not support 69xx (Broadwell E)

First you see this when you start:CPU:Intel Processor - Speed:2999.3 MHz - Multi:30.0 - Bus:100.0 MHzRAM: - 130986 MBytesGB - MB:RAMPAGE V EXTREME - FW: - DesktopOS:Windows 10 ProGPU1:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 - GPU2:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Second: you ge...

cekim by Level 11
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Cpu temperatures

Is it common cpu temperatures rise overtime when computer is aging? I am not 100% sure but i think while gaming they used to stay under 70c, even 65c but now i see temperatures like 73 even 75 in some cores while playing crysis 3. It must be cpu inte...

Boot Crash after overclocking.

Hi, it might seem ridiculous, but I used Intel XTU and was overclocking the CPU in my Asus G751JT-CH171 laptop.After appyling an XTU profile and restarting, I simply cannot get back into windows. The laptop keeps on crashing during windows login.I al...

D_Pain by Level 9
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OC Noob needs some adive

Hello I just bought a new CPU/Mainboard/Ram and wanted to find out how to OC and try it a little bit.Luckily I found this Video here in this forum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pL_n5l4gWUI dont have the exactly same board, but the UEFI is almost...