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I have found this gegl-0.3 folder in my AppData/Local folder not long after installing RealBench. Is this a part of realbench? Just wanna make sure if this folder belongs to RealBench since I can't think of anything else

Rampage IV Black Edition EZ quick OC problem

Hi ! i have got a problem for EZ mode. i have rampage IV black edition 4930 K cpu and 1500 W psu and win 10 . I chose to asus optimal from EZ mode (cpu fix to 4500 mHz9 and when i restart to pc it work for 2 or 3 second and stop and then start again...

6F Q-Code on well performing build

I just realized my computer has said this code every day for a while. I didnt think to check it because the machine is running good. Everything benchmarks like its supposed to, and the clock speeds are all where they are supposed to be as well.Anywa...

Industrial cleaning, motherboard

Okay, this is going to be a question that probably has never, nor will ever be posted again XDAt work we poduce PCB's, and in relation to that we have a "washing machine" specifically designed to clean boards.But apparantly there are some components ...


Brand new gaming PC. First time OC. i7 6700K

Hello,After getting alot of help from Nate getting my PC up and running (bad cpu ) I could use alot of help OCing/Tweaking my PC.I've never done this before so yes... i'm clueless.My setup:- ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Ranger (BIOS 1701)- ASUS GeForce GTX...

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Is my brand new asus strix motherboard bad?

I have been having one hell of a time overclocking my 6800k. The worst part is that its not the overclock that is the problem. I found a great stable setting on manual for 4.3ghz at 1.257v and the only way i can achieve this is on manual. Whenever i ...