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Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0.....any good??

Is the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Software any good?? Or is the boost so negligible you would never notice?Do any of you guys use it to prioritize for particular games or apps?Will it conflict or interfere with overclocked systems??Thanks for any hel...

Trouble overclocking with 6800k on Strix X99

Hi!Im having trouble overclocking my new rig.Whenever I try using the AI Suite or manually overclocking the system is having trouble booting past BIOS or into BIOS at all.The common problem is after overclocking the BIOS won't detect my m.2 ssd disk....

eazy123 by Level 7
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Broadwell average temps under stress

Am stress testing a new build.What are considered "good" temps when stress testing a i7 6800 Broadwell?I just spent 30 minutes Googling and the best answer I could find was off Tom's hardware where they suggested 45-50 C under stress was very adequat...

whats wrong with my computer :D

Hey guys had this comp for a year now and i give up i just cant seem to score anywhere near people with similar rigs. if you would like to kno what i have and what my scores are ill be glad to tell you

X99 Gaming + 32Gb (4 * 8Gb kit) 3200 Mhz issue

Hi guys, Looking for a little assistance here. cpu - 6850kmotherboard - Asus STRIX X99 GAMING (bios ver. 1401)I have 32GB (4 pieced of G.Skill Ripjaws 5) classic black 3200mhz memory - G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-32GVKBAfter turning on XMP mode on the mother...