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System Cooling Advice (i7-7700K, Z270-A)

Hey folks!I wanted to see if I could get some help with cooling my rig. This was my first custom build, and I got some help from a buddy of mine. The only problem that I am having so far is that it seems like my CPU is running hot. I've tried quite a...

Ryzen 1700 OC 3.8 Wrong Voltage?

I OCed Ryzen 1700 on Crosshair HERO VI to 3.8 on low 1.33 Voltage and is stable!Is this correct or did MOBO change voltage and didnt who me in CPU z nor Asus UI!Check video you took video from my torture test!

ASUS CPU Load Line Calculation, Which is which?

I have a new "ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Ranger" with a Intel I7 6700K.To fix an occasional BSOD CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMER on CIV 5; windowsforum said t0 update the bios from 1601 t0 3401.I noticed however CPU voltage has went way up?I am only attempting a mo...

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Controlling the Z270-A Mobo Fan

Hey folks!Just looking for a little clarification for a noob question. I've been slowly learning about the intricacies of managing/controlling a semi-high end rig. I've only had gaming laptops before this.Anyway, this topic is in reference to the fan...

CPU won't idle

Hi guys I have a bunch of issues and I can't figure out how to resolve them. First I have misleading values from my rog front base and monitoring software like HWMonitor.After overclocking my CPU to 4,6 GHz, basically it won't idle anymore. It gets s...

gtx 1080ti Overclocking

I have a Strix 1080 ti and use GPU Tweak to OC it cooled with a AIO. Voltage, temp and power sliders are maxed with a +75 on the core What i have noticed is that when i get into a game by card only OC to about 2000 but i know it can do more. If i ALT...

Why Underclocking RAM ?

In the timings table for RAM chips it lists several JEDEC specs for lower frequencies. Is there any reason why anyone would underclock their RAM? I have never read about people doing this, just wondering why you would, if there's some tangible bene...