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Memory no longer compatible

Anyone else come across memory that's on the QVL list, that is no longer supported? I have a Z590-e board(11700k-I7), with GSkill F4-5066C20D-16GVK memory. I went from BIOS 0902 to 1202, and it no longer runs past the default 2133 speed. XMP1 and ...

System Agent 1.6V is normal?

Hello,Recently I have changed the memory RAM and the voltage of the VCCO and System Agent has changed dramatically.I set both values ​​in manual to 1.2v and the system is stable, but testing in automatic the VCCO exceeds 1.45V and System Agent exceed...

Fan control ?

Hi i have a TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 and was wondering if there is a alternative software to control fan speed as i have been told armoury crate is rubbish and Ai suite doesnt support windows 10 anymore ?

dazraz by Level 7
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Power draw exceeding PPT limit

Crosshair VIII Dark Hero, BIOS 3801, AMD 5900XHad my PPT limit set to 215W in PBO2 settings, but for some reason it was drawing 244W with no load on the CPU. Had to hard restart for it to go back to normal.

Marty_Z by Level 7
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Possible Dark Hero PBO2 issues

I have a 5900x and a Dark Hero MB, I built the system back in September 2021 and have had no issue since, that is until today. The MB has the latest bios installed (3801), and all the latest chipset drivers.At this point I don't know if my issue is M...

Marty_Z by Level 7
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12900K OC / Memory OC / 3080Ti OC w Custom Loop

Im back out at work now, but was having some fun with my new build over the past week:Apex Board12900K All Core OC 5.2P / 4.1E Fixed Voltage 1.285v + (-0.050v) - with EK Velocity 2 Corsair Dominator 32G DDR5 5600 C36 @ 6000 C36Evga 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra...

rjbarker by Level 11
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HWinfo64 Vcore vs CPU-Z Core Voltage?

So I set 1.3v for the CPU Core voltage in the Bios. But in windows with HWInfo64 I see Vcore is 1.144v (not VID), and in CPU-z I see 1.261vWhy are they all different? which one is correct?12900KFAsus Z690 Max FormulaCorsai 360m AIOCorsair 32gb 5600m...