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Tweak advice to an ASUS G750JX

Hi all ROG'sI have an ASUS G750JX which i have never tweaked or tuned since i bought it. So it still have all the standard out-of-the-box settings and hardware. Now i want to start tuning it a bit. What would your recommendations be, for the best low...

Tweaking: reversing function keys

Hello tweakers,I'm totally new here, and I just bought a g75vw. I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the function keys so that I don't have to hold down the function key every time I want to adjust volume or brightness? It's driving me nuts....

New build new to building please review

Hello all, I finished my first gaming pc build the other week and I was hoping for some insight from some of the experienced people here. Thanks in advance for looking. See below for all build information and any questions let me know. I have a c...

In need of information...

I have reached the point where I want to begin doing some overclocking, unfortunately for me, I own the G751jt with a bios that looks and works more like a childs speak and spell. My question is, when did ASUS start using the new bios (UEFI) and on w...

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Realbench issue

Hello Today I run Realbench with the my new 6950X and I saw (even I overclock at 4100mhz) speed 1199mhz.This is the real CPU run speed or Realbench bug? Any Ideas? Thanx.George

8700k overclock 5,3 all core

Hi, my name is David, I'm new core i7-8700k 3. 7ghz turbo 4. 7ghz asus rog maximus x hero z370 g skill 3600 cl15 refrigeracion liquida cryoring a80 hibrida torre corsair 740 air flow fuente de alimentacion corsair rm850i 850w 80 plus gold disco duro ...

zercool by Level 7
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A little help with 8700K?

Have been using an 8700K for about a week now and things have been running smoothly. I thought I'd like to give it a little bump to 4.8 GHz.Just looking for a nudge in the right direction regarding voltage. I'm pretty new to overclocking. So far I've...

FDSage by Level 10
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What to Expect from My 7700K-Stuck

Hello Everyone,I built my first computer about three years ago for image editing. it was a Maximus XII Hero board with a 4790K that was mildly overclocked. It failed and I replaced the motherboard with a Maximus IX Hero and had to do it fast. 32G...