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Chipset Temp?

Hello help new to pc building. I have not messed with the BIOS only the Ai Suite 3.Specs:ROG Strix Z690 I gaming ROG Strix 240 aioROG Strix 3070tiIntel i5 12600k (AI overclocked at 5.3)Corsair Vengeance DDR5 5200MHzCorsair SF 750wattLian Li A4-H20Tem...

Q-Code 00

Built a custom PC a few months back and I recently installed 8 GB more RAM to get to 16 GB. Shortly after that, I noticed the Q-Code on my motherboard started displaying "00". My manual says "not used" when I look up this code. My computer is running...

Adaptive voltage.

Hello, today I will like to know how to set the adaptive voltage on my bios.My Vcore is 1.250VWhat offset mode sign do I use?Additional turbo mode CPU core voltage?Offset Voltage?

JayMI6 by Level 8
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My i7-12700KF overclock

Good day ROG overclockers,I'd like to share my overclock with the ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming Wifi motherboard and the i7-12700KF cpu.Maximum temps look high in the 80's but these were spikes, it mainly ran in the 50'sc to 70's c.The IA Limit Reasons sho...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Realbench Image Editing Low Score?

Hi guys!I just wanted to ask what that could be because I only get a score of 20-26K for my first test in realbench for a total of 198-220 seconds. I've tried running at stock speeds as well and everything happens, and still the same result. Get real...

AVX Offset

Hello,I have ROG STRIX B660-F GAMING WIFI with 12700 cpu, now my question is can avx offset be added to bios because only option is to disable avx completelly, now i seen other b660 that have avx offset option, so what i am asking is maybe my non K c...

WHEA-Logger Event 19 in games

hello everyone my system iscpu:10900k 5.1GHZ LLC7 MANUAL VOLTAGE 1.27 cache ratio 46MOBO: asus z490 maximus hero xiiRAM: g.skill ddr4 trident-z 2x16gb 3600mhz 17-19-19-39 oc to 18-21-21-39 4000MHZGPU: ASUS STRIX RTX 3080 TIthe pc works great in 3DMAR...