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7940X and memory?

I got 3733MHz ram, does this mean I can try to overclock it to 4000MHz or does that mean 3733MHz is as high as I can overclock it to, and can I do this on x299-A prime ASUS mobo?

Voltages after change multipler or Vdd

Hi,At begin sorry for my bad english.I bought Asus B350 Prime Plus MB with Ryzen 5 1400. All works fine, but have some questions:1. It's possible to change lowest multiply (for idle) (then can change low-voltage level)?2. Why after change multiplier ...

Dzyszla by Level 7
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Tweak advice to an ASUS G750JX

Hi all ROG'sI have an ASUS G750JX which i have never tweaked or tuned since i bought it. So it still have all the standard out-of-the-box settings and hardware. Now i want to start tuning it a bit. What would your recommendations be, for the best low...

Tweaking: reversing function keys

Hello tweakers,I'm totally new here, and I just bought a g75vw. I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the function keys so that I don't have to hold down the function key every time I want to adjust volume or brightness? It's driving me nuts....

New build new to building please review

Hello all, I finished my first gaming pc build the other week and I was hoping for some insight from some of the experienced people here. Thanks in advance for looking. See below for all build information and any questions let me know. I have a c...

In need of information...

I have reached the point where I want to begin doing some overclocking, unfortunately for me, I own the G751jt with a bios that looks and works more like a childs speak and spell. My question is, when did ASUS start using the new bios (UEFI) and on w...

Xxiled by Level 7
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