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A little help with 8700K?

Have been using an 8700K for about a week now and things have been running smoothly. I thought I'd like to give it a little bump to 4.8 GHz.Just looking for a nudge in the right direction regarding voltage. I'm pretty new to overclocking. So far I've...

FDSage by Level 10
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What to Expect from My 7700K-Stuck

Hello Everyone,I built my first computer about three years ago for image editing. it was a Maximus XII Hero board with a 4790K that was mildly overclocked. It failed and I replaced the motherboard with a Maximus IX Hero and had to do it fast. 32G...

BCLK overclock i7-6700k

I wanted to ask has anyone hit the wall overclocking their 6600k / 6700k? then they decided to upping the BCLK & they managed to gain a higher overclock?im asking this as im going to try this but I just wanted to know everyones experienceI would like...

Asus11 by Level 7
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Bizarre Low Score with v2.56

Just decided to run RealBench to baseline my i7-7700K based system before delidding and overclocking my CPU. But, after running it quite a few time I get MUCH lower scores than others on the leaderboard with similar systems who also ran v2.56.Any su...

Initial vs Eventual CPU input voltage

Hi, I have my i7-4790K OC'ed at 4,5GHz both core and cache.Core voltage set to: 1.270Core cache set to: 1.250Initial CPU input voltage at: 1.990Eventual CPU input voltage at 1.990Does it look good, or am I doing something wrong?

Realbench LuxMark-x64.exe stopped working

When luxmark-x64.exe stops working can it be possible that my ram isn't stable? or this has something to do with GPU overclocks?Although, I highly doubt it is GPU instability though since I passed Realbench 8hr stress with 1.4v DRAM Voltage. It is ju...

New to Overclocking and Badly Need Advice

Hello Everyone,I am not new to computer but know very little about overclocking other than letting the AI Suite do it for me.I have a Maximus IX Hero with an Intel i7 7700K with 32 GB of RAM. My graphics card is a Nvidia 970 TI with 6GB of RAM. I a...

Overclocking 1800x on the C6H . Experiences?

Hi all. I'm relatively new to overclocking, most of my experience is on older Intel systems. I'm now on AMD platform and trying to overclock it to 3.9-4.0 and keep good temps. I'm now on 3.9 on 1.35 volts and I get between 72-82 during a full on stre...

akb88 by Level 7
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