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Maximus VIII Hero weird clicking sound at boot

Hi guys,first of all sorry for my English, I'm not a native... I've just build my new rig (specifications in the sign below). Coming to the issue: at startup everything seems to work fine except that I can distinctly hear a weird ''click-clack" or "t...

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Realbench issue

Hello Today I run Realbench with the my new 6950X and I saw (even I overclock at 4100mhz) speed 1199mhz.This is the real CPU run speed or Realbench bug? Any Ideas? Thanx.George

i9 7900X OC - Issues with AVX

Hi Guys,I would need some advice in overclocking my 7900X. I am using a Rampage VI Apex Mainboard and a massive custom loop for CPU und GPU. CPU is delidded as well.I am using an offset of 0.025V and manage to get 4,8Ghz stable (XTU and Prime95 witho...

fan speed tweak without GPUtweak2???

Hi.I wonder if theres a way to tweak the fan noise without installing any asus software?GPUTweak2 is riddled with bugs and other nasties and I really dont want to install it again.Last time I did,I had a flurry of issues and dont think its worth it.T...

Help with adaptive mode CPU voltage

I've had a stable overclock on my 7700k of 5.1 and 1.33v. First of all I'm not sure if adaptive mode is supposed to be used with overclocks, but if so, should I just switch from manual to adaptive and leave the new settings that show up or change the...

7940X and memory?

I got 3733MHz ram, does this mean I can try to overclock it to 4000MHz or does that mean 3733MHz is as high as I can overclock it to, and can I do this on x299-A prime ASUS mobo?