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IX Hero cpu speed jumping all over the place.

My system started acting funky today with web pages freezing that lead to Black SOD and games crashing to the desktop. I uninstalled the Windows Spectre.. patch--so far so good, but now instead of my 7700K running constantly at 4.9 it's now fluctuati...

EZ tune wizard causing instability

First week alive...i5 8600kCooler master 212 evoZ370ECorsair Dominator 2666 2 x 8gb3 ibm 125gb ssds raid0integrated graphics till the card shows upwin10running basic apps and games on cheap tv at 1080pI ran the ez tuner and it set the bclock to 103, ...

Wiwells by Level 7
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Errors after setting AI Overlcock Tuner to XMP.

When I set AI Overclock Tuner to XMP my asus formula x won't boot, and has a code of b1 on the board. I've got 2 x CorsVengLPX DDR4 4500 C19 8GB Sticks - I'm wondering if it's because it doesn't support 4500mhz.It runs fine when set to Auto. CPU is 8...

huddy by Level 7
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OCing to 5.0Ghz

Hello everyone Last May I builded myself a high end gaming pc... i7 7700k, GTX1080ti, 16Gb ram 3000mhz, Maximus IX Code, Corsair CX 650, Kraken x52... It was my first ever build... And It was amazing. But, as a PC enthusiast, I wasnt the end... Last ...

rafy24 by Level 7
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Strix rx580 OC software, help.

Hi, I'm going/trying to OC my gpu, but I still don't know what software to use betwin Msi afterburner, Asus gpu tweak 2 and Amd Wattman. What do you guys prefer? Btw what do I use to test gpu load, to see if it's stable.

Duzkam by Level 7
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