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adaptive voltage not lowering voltage

hi,i am trying to change from manual to adaptive voltage. got manual 4,6ghz@1,265v stable so i set adaptive to 4,6ghz@1,275v. my problem is that in idle the voltage isn't going down; it stays at 1,275. bios is updated. i set oc in bios and installin...

Kolonka by Level 7
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Overclocking help

Hello! I've run into an wall about what to do with my computer and hopes anyone here can help me make it stable. My setup is, Asus z370-f8700kGskill trident z 4133 cl19Captain EX120and now to my problem. When i set everything to default. I change so ...

Nerxan by Level 7
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Asus AI makes what it wants?!

I have pushed my CPU (7820X) to 4,7GHZ @1,1800 Volts.All runs fine and stable but in Asus AI Suite the Setting "Cpu Power thermal Control" is @134°C every Reboot.Why?! And for what is these Option?! Is it neccessary für my OC Settings?! Or have i som...

zocker by Level 9
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8700K Delid Again ( Change Copper IHS )

You know , i delided my 8700K : https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?98773-8700K-after-DELID-5-0Ghz-TemperatureNow i will change my IHS for this part : https://rockitcool.myshopify.com/products/copper-ihs-for-lga-1150-1151what do you thing for ...