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i9 7980xe and Overcloking problem

Hello,I kind a need a help to figure out what is going on. I have run many guides, listen to every tip that ppl posted on this forum but I have some really bad luck in overclocking my i9 7980xe. So the system:CPU: i9 7980xe Mobo: Asus rog strix x299-...

Silencer by Level 7
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TIP to make rog laptop silent before tweak.

Simple:1. Uninstall asus rog overlocking software. It is stupid. And not allow permanent select standard mode. Overtemp and so on.2. Uninstall nvidia drivers by using DDU with safe mode.3. Install nvidia driver. Not 391.x . Best start 388.x driver. A...

maraker by Level 7
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CPU vcore settings

Hello everyone. I will be honest, I am a real rookie when it comes to the finer points of computers. I bought my first gaming computer in a long time, I noticed my AIO fans were a little loud on the new computer. I know the fans are the likely culpri...

i7 4790k default bios settings? "Un-Overclock" Me

I don't know how to reset them fully, and I need to because I can't really use my computer for much. And my temps are NOT healthy for it, reaching above 80-90 since my cooling pump died.One time, the the overclocking failed to work on bootup. I had d...

Doug22 by Level 7
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XMP Profile Stability on Asus Maximus Hero X

So ive been trying to get my system running at its fullest and for some reason I just cannot get my motherboard to run the XMP profile for my RAM. I have a 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum kit rated for 3000mhz (linked below). When i go into my bios a...

The Perfect Temperature Fan Curve on i7 8700k

Hey guys,I'm new here in the forum and I'm enjoying a lot all the expertise that you guys are sharing here. Great stuff!I would like to get some help on setting up my custom temperature fans curve. IMO, the standard curves feel a little bit weird.Any...

Very happy with BIOS updates

I have to say when I got my 1800x with crosshair hero vi I was pretty pissed. My 3200Mhz memory couldn't even run at 2600Mhz c16 without the system crashing. The bios was awful the OC results were bad, and the system could only do dual channel memory...

Ozfer by Level 7
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7700K OC on Asus Strix Z270 Gaming E | OCCT report

Hello folks!Nate152 could you please give me a hand with this?Moved my Crosshair VI Hero mobo with a 1800X setup to the office for productivity and I have now moved my 7700K setup home. I am now trying to OC it and determine what is the maximum I can...

g_tse by Level 7
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