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CPU multiplier on Rampage VI Extreme

Hi,I'm trying to work out how to increase the cpu multiplier on the Rampage VI Extreme mobo. It's currently set at x34. I would like to bump it up a little. My last mobo had an actual cpu multiplier setting in the bios which made it easy. I can't qui...

Why doesn't LuxMark do any Graphics Animation???

I downloaded ReadBench 2.56 today and when I run the Stress Test, the LuxMark app doesn't show any graphic animation?I was running the previous version and LuxMark ran some graphics animation on both of my monitors. I have a triplescreen on my nVidi...

Snacko by Level 7
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Help with overclocking on 8700K and 3600 ram

Hello,I have a very recent built with this:Maximus X CodeSilicon lottery delidded 8700K rated at 5.1ghzCorsair H115i Pro coolerTrident Z RGB 32gb 8x4 3600 16-16-36 XMP ratingI am using Der8auer's overclock settings. 1.3v 5ghz1.2v SA/1.2v VCCIO120% r...

kahless by Level 7
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7700k trips bios cpu overheat protection

I'm having trouble admitting defeat. I've searched on multiple different forums to no avail. I recently delidded my cpu to open up more thermal headroom and started overclocking again. I made it all the way to 5.2ghz at 1.4v stable no problem so I bu...

AMD Ryzen 1700 overclock

Just curious to see if anyone else has the ryzen 1700 and what overclock speed have you achieved in a stable setting?Im currently running at 4.0ghz stable at a cpu temp of 51 degrees celcius at full load after 30mins of stress test and idle temp of 2...