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[OC issue]Rampage V Extreme with i7-6850k

SOLVEDHello All!I have recently returned and turned on my PC, updated system and so on.What has surprised me was the change in the multiplier on CPU for some reason.About two weeks ago I have had it on 44x, but now CPU-Z is showing 11x or 12x.TimeSpy...

Asus 1080 GTX Strix Bios update, brauche Hilfe need help

Hi i have found Bios and my actual Bios is!I have tried to update with nvflash and became this message:http://abload.de/image.php?img=unbnnt9ju98.pngCan i ignore this message or is something wrong?!greetings @all

zocker by Level 9
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Sound Problem After Overclocking

Hello,I post here because my pc has sound glitch since I overclocked it. The problem occurs when I listen to music, game or movie / video. In addition, videos and sound are sometimes out of sync by 1 - 2 seconds.I recorded 4 excerpt in which the pro...

Some cores are hotter than the others - reasons?

Greetings all,I have noticed that on my i7-8700k soe cores are noticably and consistently hotter. For example, below, cores 1,3,5 are hottern that 2,4,6 Core [core-id] :Actual Freq (Mult.) C0% Halt(C1)% C3 % C6 % Temp VCore ...

metadist by Level 9
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strange temperature reporting and cpu heating up

Hi all,got myself a rather strange problem with my rig.You can see my full specs listed under my name, so i won't post it all again here.Every now and than and seemingly fully randomly, AIDA64 extreme will start reporting a CPU temperature of -37c. W...

New To Overclocking

Hey everyone, New to the forum and new to OC. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have read and looked at so many tutorials that people have recommended and I feel like I am learning a lot. Currently following der8auer, boosted media and jay...

Cheesy86 by Level 7
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i7-8700K + Asus Prime z370-A + H100i v2

Hey Everyone, Well I have been doing a bunch of research these past weeks on Overclocking and the pros vs cons. I have seen a bunch of tutorials and read guides to try and understand this art. I have looked at der8auer OC Guide and videos, Jayztwocen...

Previously validated overclock no longer stable

Hi everyoneI currently find myself slowly losing my sanity (lol) trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my system.Around a month or so ago I overclocked my 8700k successfully to 5Ghz with an adaptive voltage of 1.350V (in BIOS) and LLC5....

Zammin by Level 9
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Help with Offset settings are not stable

I'm just curious (since I have no problems using manual all the time), why system behaviour differs when I'm using the same voltage on different settings? For example:My 8700K is completely stable at ~1.27V withing allcore 4.8/no AVX offset/4.7 uncor...