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What is V1 in hwinfo64 on asus z97 pro wifi ac?

I've noticed in hwinfo64 in the sensors page is V1 and it looks to be one of my vcore settings because it is the only sensor that drops to like ~ .8 volts at idle and way over my set vcore at load. For example my vcore in bios is set at manual static...

Juggla by Level 7
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Nvidia control panel settings

is there any settings in the control channel i should change such as the v sync? i heard in multiple discussions that its best to leave it on and some say its best to leave it off?

aeron24 by Level 7
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Adaptive voltage higher than manual

I've finished fine tuning the OC on my 6700k (mobo is Maximus VIII Hero Alpha) and it's rock solid; overnight tests of RealBench and x264 stability as well as a few days of usual use. It's at 4.7Ghz @ 1.344v under load, LLC 6 (1.32v in bios). All of ...

evoke by Level 7
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Need help disabling overclock on graphics

I've had my laptop for a while, but unfortunately just had to have the hard drive replaced. Here are its original specs, I have no idea if the new hard drive is anything similar, but I'd assume it is. Because of the new hard drive, I had to re-downlo...