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Asus prime z370-a ai suite

Hello everyone,Just need some help identifying where I can find the download for the ai suite. I want to be able to control my case fans speeds to improve airflow but it is not in the Asus motherboard homepage. At least I couldn't see it. Am I missin...

Ram issues x470 crosshair vii

Hi guys, you’ve probably heard this a thousand times. I’ve searched and tried alot over the past 3 days and i can’t seem to get my ram up to 3200mhz. I’ve read multiple posts, tried the safe option on the ryzen dram calculator and all i get is the bo...

liam885 by Level 7
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Crazy auto overclock numbers

I wanted to see what the automatic Overclock in Dual Intelegent Processors 5 showed would be my maximum OC on my 8700k in my Maximus X Formula.I usually run all 6 cores at around 5Ghz for gaming and daily usage. But last night the program went crazy ...

cdcbr3 by Level 7
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Adaptive voltage accuracy - 8700 non K, Z370-G

Hello,I am here to ask you for an advice. I have new PC - Asus ROG Strix z370-G gaming, Intel i7 8700 (non K), 2x HyperX Predator DDR4 3000 mhz, so far no dedicated GPU because I waiting for new Nvidia models, Samsung Evo 970 500GB, PSU Seasonic Focu...

Hammond by Level 7
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Need help with 8700k overclock

Hello guys,8700K + Asus Z370F + 16 Gskill 3200 CL14 + GTX1070I need help to stabilize the 4.6Mhz OC, i run Prime95 some hours and i think was stable, but playing yesterday i get frezze screen, not BSOD.I have this in BIOS: vcore > 1.2 > LLC 6vccio ...

Beric77 by Level 7
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Asus WS C621E + Xeon Platinum QL1K Chips

Hey all, I have an Asus WS C621E along with a couple of 24 core xeon platinum ES chips (QL1K is the label on the chips). Unfortunately they won't boot on the Asus board, but they will on my Supermicro X11DPH-T. Currently on initial boot they get stuc...

[OC issue]Rampage V Extreme with i7-6850k

SOLVEDHello All!I have recently returned and turned on my PC, updated system and so on.What has surprised me was the change in the multiplier on CPU for some reason.About two weeks ago I have had it on 44x, but now CPU-Z is showing 11x or 12x.TimeSpy...