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8700k @ 4.8 stability

Hello everyone,Specs:I7 8700kAsus maximus X hero G skill trident z rgb 32001080tiI've been working on over clocking my cpu for the past couple days. Due to my cooling limitations I'm keeping it at 4.8 ghz. I was able to actually tweak the voltage all...

First OC help please :)

Specs: - i7 8700k- Rog Maximus X hero-G.Skill flare 3200 mHz 14 CL - Asus 1080 ti strix-NH D15-EVGA 850 G2Hey everyone!I tried der8auer OC guide and noticed something not right with my build. First, the annoying double boot bothers me to no end. It s...


Memory OC

Im running a I7 7770K OC at 4.8g with the XMP my memory is 16g 3200MHz at 3.5v & that's what im running it as every fine no problems here's the timings as well Is it worth trying to OC the memory & if so how would i go about doing it

77297 77298 77299
nufc179 by Level 7
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Asus G750JZ. Problem with graphics card (GTX 880M)

I recently bought a new laptop.I did used it a couple of days when suddenly my GTX 880M stopped working. In the beggining I though that was due to a virus,so I formated my laptop. I reinstalled the drivers but still it didn't work. In the device man...

Acropolo by Level 7
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Load line calibration differences series vs series

When looking into load line calibration i have noticed motherboards do it 2 different ways1: voltage is lower in idle and boosted up under load eg 1.3v idle - 1.37 load2: voltage is higher and droops under load eg 1.37v idle - drops to 1.3v under loa...

Jaz11 by Level 7
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9900K build stable except Realbench

Hi all,Received my 9900K Monday and built it with Hero XI (Wifi) and 2x16GB Gskill TridentZ DDR4-3000, and a gigabyte 1080 ti. No surprise Prime95 26.6 and OCCT passed for 12 hours+ @4.7GHz and ~1.2V Vcore. However Realbench (2.5.6) failed within a m...