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Memory OC

Im running a I7 7770K OC at 4.8g with the XMP my memory is 16g 3200MHz at 3.5v & that's what im running it as every fine no problems here's the timings as well Is it worth trying to OC the memory & if so how would i go about doing it

77297 77298 77299
nufc179 by Level 7
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Load line calibration differences series vs series

When looking into load line calibration i have noticed motherboards do it 2 different ways1: voltage is lower in idle and boosted up under load eg 1.3v idle - 1.37 load2: voltage is higher and droops under load eg 1.37v idle - drops to 1.3v under loa...

Jaz11 by Level 7
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9900K build stable except Realbench

Hi all,Received my 9900K Monday and built it with Hero XI (Wifi) and 2x16GB Gskill TridentZ DDR4-3000, and a gigabyte 1080 ti. No surprise Prime95 26.6 and OCCT passed for 12 hours+ @4.7GHz and ~1.2V Vcore. However Realbench (2.5.6) failed within a m...

ROG XI Gene/9900K OC

After 18 months of being away from all things PC my new system arrives today which I am very much looking forward to having a play, will have to wait another day or 2 for my cooling solution to arrive and it's nothing extreme! Anyway by the weekend I...