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Newb here.. Need help OC'ing

I would like to OC my cpu, but I have never done it before I was going to end up paying some one $50 to do it, but I want to give it a shot first..Specs : CPU - i7 6850kMOBO - Asus x99-aiiRAM - 16gbGPU - 1080 ti

Strix Z270H Gaming board stuck at 800mhz??

Hey Guys,I decided to see if this board still worked after being in storage for a year or so.. Well it booted up fine but the problem I am having is it seems to be stuck at 8X Multiplyer..Now I did not overclock and I setup from Defaults. Plus I upgr...

Blue screen when using AI overclock MAXIMUS XI Hero

So im having this issue when using AI overclock and i will get blue screen and WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Although i can do manual OC up to 4.8GHz and its stable but i was just wondering why AI wouldnt dial it down and after blue screen it still tries ...

86kotek by Level 7
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Strix 2080 and OC stability testing

Greetings!I'm redoing my Strix 2080 overclock with GPU Tweak II these days and I'm curious what are the better practices of stability testing this thing. I am at +90 core clock and +600 mem clock. When I run 3DMark Time Spy Extreme Stress Test, the t...

Eclipt by Level 8
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Z390 keeps overriding my manual OC

So I have a Z390 and an i7-9700 and I tried to use AI Suite and AI Overclocking. However, it keeps telling me that the optimal setting is 44% OC and when I restart the comp at that setting, it always crashes. I did some manual testing and 41% (5100...

banpei by Level 7
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Computer Freeze for 10 sec then Unfreeze

Hi guys. I just recently changed my motherboard from a ROG Maximus Formula IX to an ROG Maximus Apex IX. The one difference between the two was that I was able to hit 4133mhz ddr speeds vs 3733 on the Formula. The only problem I noticed was that abou...

maximus hero x and xmp issue at boot

Hi everyone, I've just tested the latest bios (1801) but I still have the same annoying issue.Basically everytime I start the pc after disconnecting it from the power (both by turning off the ups or the psu from the physical switch), the system turn ...

Iobling by Level 7
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