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A question about XMP

First the specs that matter: 8700k @ 4.4ghz all cores synced, asus maximus x formula, gskill trident z's 16gb(8x2). I had this computer built on ibuypower and whoever set up the bios manually set the cpu to sync all cores @4.4 and I have no idea wh...

9700K boost problem with ROG mobo

OK I know that this matter is widely discussed already but I am at a loss... Got a 9700K yesterday on an Asus ROG Z390 H Gaming with the latest bios version, dated yesterday. With default settings or auto or whatever, the CPU doesn't go beyond 3.9GHz...

iAzriel by Level 7
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The problem with overclocking Strix x99 and 6800k

Hello. 2 years ago I assembled a PC and immediately overclock 6800k 4.2ghz. Everything worked fine. After came the new Bios 1802 and beta 1902. I installed them. Now decided to overclock 6800k. I go to Bios and set the multiplier 42 and volt 1.3 save...

76608 76609 76610
Love66 by Level 7
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I78700k, z370-H, 16gb 3600mhz OverClock help!

I want to get stable computer for good gaming performance.I need to know what to do in Bios.Can someone help me?Z370-HI78700k2×8gb 3600mhzRtx 2080 geforceEvo pro960 250gb ssdKingston 500gb ssdI want 4.8ghz stabledNeed video or img for bios settings.

Can someone pls help

Hi iv got a i7 7700k on a Max IX Formula i got a 4.8g stable but just 2 night my cpu is bouncing all over have a look pls someone tell me how to fix this

nufc179 by Level 7
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OC Panel won't apply settings

So I added the OC Panel to my setup and can't get it to work.Here are some details about my setup:Maximus VII Formula moboManual OverclockUpgraded to 0603 firmware on the oc panelSince turning off intel xhci mode in the BIOS the panel now finally rea...

cars10 by Level 8
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How to get RAM to work on B450-F AMD A4

Hi, I just got an ASUS ROG SWIFT B450-F and was wondering how to set the RAM timing on my mobo? I'm assuming that's what I need to do because just changing the RAM to 3000mhz causes the system to not boot. The RAM is G Skill Aegis 8BG RAM stick. Her...