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overclocking with ai-overclocking in ai-suite 3

im dont have my 9900k overclocked jet cause im quite new to overclocking, so im aSKING IF I CAN OVERCLOCK WITH THE AI-OVERCLOCKING in ai-suite! i have a XI code, a 360Ryujin and a 9900k! CAN I JUST PRESS ON START ON THE AIOC? it said the predicion is...

Bayonett by Level 7
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Hivizman's Efficiency Competition

Greeting fellow ROG's. Some of you old timers will recall the contests I used to host a few years ago here on ROG. They were just for fun, no prizes at all, and open to anyone. So I am thinking that we need to have another such contest. One that will...

HiVizMan by Level 40
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Wrong VID 9600k on hero XI

hello ppl, this is my first post and want to share with you my experience, spec for first:i5-9600kMaximus XI hero (first bios)Predator 4000 (3600-16-16-16)Samsung 860 evoStrix GTX 1070 tiBios seetings:LLC= LVL 7all power saver = onvccio = 1.15vvccsa ...

Setting RAM to factory clock

Hello I need help with ram configuration;My specs are:Rampage VI extremeI9 7920xGskill 32GB F4-3600C17D-32GTZR. When I set RAM to 3600mhz with xmp and save and exit, it starts and working without error (I have launched prime95 for more than 3 hours w...

Best settings to overclock ddr4 3200 g.skill

I have G.Skill 2x8 GB F4-3200C16D-16GTZB and it came with timings CL16-18-18-38 at1.35v. Ive already overclocked my processor in Ez Tuning Wizard and processor clock are on screenshot. But which settings are best for ram, cause i want to overclock on...

question about minimum processor state

Ive seen it mentioned from time to time during OC videos and discussions to use "performance mode" or effectively set min processor state to 100%.How dumb of an idea is this? initially It does not sound like something someone should suggest. To have ...

GunJam by Level 7
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