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How: Lower Temps 7700X on X67e EXTREME! undervolting?

Hi,i want to lower Temps on my Zen4! At boot, i have 40 degrees.I have EXPO mode on and no overclock. at windows log in, the temps rises from 70 degrees to 75! without doing anything.i have tried to enable AMD ECO MODE but NOTHING changes, same TEM...

Turbo boost vs Overclock for gaming

Hey guys. When I overclock my ASUS mb using the AI auto overclocker….it says ‘98% Overclock’ when I startup my computer…..what does that mean? 3.20ghz x 96% then add on to its now at 6.2ghz? I don’t get it. The second question I had was I noticed whe...

Asus turbo v download location?

So before I clean installed windows 11 a couple weeks ago I had the Asus Turbo V software but I cant remember what version or where I downloaded it from originally.To make matters worse I dont see it in my Asus Maximus 13 Hero drivers download page (...

sdmf74 by Level 11
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ROG STRIX X760E-F Gaming and DDR6000 (DOCP) not stable

Memory in question is Kingston fury beast KF560C40-16 (32GB total) I used memory test program memtest to boot and run memory test, it showed no errors on 6000. However, when I tested memory using Testmem5 with Extreme1@anta777 configuration it did ...

opti2k4 by Level 7
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help with 24\7 overclocking 13900k

hello everyone my setupROG MAXIMUS Z690 HEROi9 13900k2x16gb g skil 6400mhzcpu cooler nh-d15my setings is p-core 55 e-core 45 ring 50my idle voltage is between 1.28-1.305 in game my voltage is between 1.25-1.22 my temps in games is 70-77cin cinbench r...

For those that use MSI Afterburner

Insure you download MSI Afterburner from a legit site.Fake MSI Afterburner Sites Inject Coin-Miner Into Software installerhttps://www.guru3d.com/news-story/fake-msi-afterburner-sites-inject-coin-miner-into-software-installer.htmlhttps://blog.cyble.co...

pndiode by Level 11
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AIOC strange behavior ?

Hi y'all !!Ill start by giving you my config;I9 13900KMaximus Hero z690 (2103)Corsair H150i elite LCDG.Skill DDR5 6400 (2 x 16 gb)Strix RTX 3080Asus THOR 1200 psuWD SN850X 2TB nvmeWindows 11 ProThermaltake Core P3 Pro(everything/driver is up to date)...