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BClk OC and turning off PL1/2 on H670/B660 DDR4 boards?

Level 7
Hello guys,

I'm wondering if anyone using DDR4 on a non-Z board can let me know what their status is as far as getting the most out of K-unlocked CPUs?

My goal is basically to have an i7's P-cores able to run at 5.0 Ghz all day, provided I keep them cool.

1) Can you allow K series chips to run at their all-core Turbo speed indefinitely on the H670/B660 DDR4 boards with the power limit effectively disabled?

2) I saw a video by Der Bauer on Youtube about adjusting the base clock (just affecting the CPU, while leaving the PCIe devices, etc alone) working on the DDR5 boards, but not having made it to any DDR4 ones. Is that accurate and still up to date? It was a thing on some platforms in the past. Intel typically broke it with a future BIOS update, but if a setup is working well I'd probably just leave my BIOS alone at that point.

3) I haven't seen any non-K i7s or i9s for sale anywhere (just the i5), but was wondering if those can be run with the power limit disabled? That seemed to be how Intel was gimping non-K chips this time with memory overclocking finally allowed.