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Battery won't charge/provide power

Level 7
I just bought a G75VW and I was very excited to get it set up and get some gaming going. Now normally I leave it plugged in all the time, but at any point if the power cord comes unplugged the battery won't provide power to the laptop and it just shuts off instantly. It's not a major inconvenience because I leave it plugged in 99% of the time but this problem does have potential to be bad for me in a pinch or if I go on a road trip.
I would appreciate it a lot if anyone has any advice on what to do. Because the people I bought it from will replace it with a new refurbished one, but they notoriously have other issues with them, like dead pixels, bad fans and the like. Everything on this laptop works perfectly, I just don't want to send it on on the gamble that the new one I get doesn't have something else wrong with it.

Level 18
Was this laptop a refurb to begin with ??? Im confused I think...
Did you buy this from a retailer .. 'the people' doesnt tell us much.

Sounds like a bad battery ... unless there is a MB relay issue with the charger ..
exchange for a refurb ?? makes little sense to me if this was 'new'.c.

Yes, sorry. I was unclear about all that. It is a refurb. I bought it from Newegg and I hear their refurbs are bad but I felt like it all might be people overacting. I come to find it isn't and I don't want to have to send it in and get another one that's bad. I was hoping there would be a simple fix like a bridge wasn't soldered right or, like you said, the battery could be bad. I don't want to start a trading game with newegg, waiting for 5 days just to get a new broken one and send it back. This'll be the last refurb I buy.