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Base Temps for a Noctua DH-15S on a 4790k?

Level 7
I recently installed this after finding my water cooler too loud. It seems this fan even on low airflow is a bit louder than I wanted... But as a sanity check I thought I'd talk to others first. My base temps are in the 40-45C range. On my watercooler H240X the temps were more like 30-32. I am wondering if I made a mistake in my fan installation that is resulting in higher temps, or if this is normal? On a light load (game running a core or 2 for AI simulation) temps shot up to 70C.


Level 7
My 4790k base temps are around 35c Im using the Noctua DH-15 with push pull fans, I have a Corsair obsidian 750D with 5 fans so moving a good bit of airflow, your temps do seem a tad high could try reseating cooler I use artic silver 5 spreading thin layer all over heat shield my room temps are 23c, I play The Division and temps get no higher than 45-50
I have had trouble logging into forum hense late reply you might have sorted it by now...