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B-Die DRAM OC issues

Level 8
I've never payed much attention to DRAM OC (XMP or simple clock raise aat 1-2 steps), but now I was itching to hike the system to the max.
But I've bumped into concrete wall.

So, the specs are 8700K, x hero, gskill trident 2x16GB B-die dual rank 14-14-14-34 1.35V 3000 mhz ram.

I've started from available on the market maximum - that is 4000 CL19 2x16 ram. I've checked primary timings, raised vSA/vIO to 1.30V (thus, 1.35 aftre boot), RAM was at 1.45V, that is more than factory 4000 mhz requires. Boot failed.
Then I've took moderate approach, decreased target frequency to 3600MHz, 17-19-39, vSA/vIO left the same, vRAM - 1.4V. I wasn't able to boot.
I've checked all things couple more times, raised vRAM to 1.45, kicked CL20 timings, raised vSA/vIO to 1.38V - nothing helped.

In both situations, boot stucked at RAM initialization with Qcode 6A.

Tried to push RAM at 3200 MHz withing factory settings - system does boot, but for veeeeery long time + it is not stable at all - numerous errors, application crashes, etc.

What am I doing wrong?

Level 7
Well as I wrote I had done that.. My kit is basically now a CL14 3333

Level 7
Are you running a Ryzen platform? Because the RAM settings are not the same on Intel and AMD.. I cannot find in my BIOS on an Intel platform the setting you refer to ..

UPDATE : I found the setting under SKEW CONTROL a submenu of DRAM TIMINGS/SETTINGS on my Intel platform..There was several other RTT settings, I dident know if they also should be modified? But unfortunately it didn't made a difference! 3600 Mhz = Black screen, unable to boot and eventually SAFE SETTINGS POST. My IMC is very picky and even 3500 Mhz seems now very unstable forcing me to revert to 3333 Mhz.