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Avoiding Fan 100% Ramp Up at 75 degree C Critical Temp in BIOS

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Hello, (I am not as computer savvy as most reading this)

Hardware: ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING, i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz, BIOS ver.3006, Windows 11.

Problem: Noisy Fans. When I open a big program (or even smaller ones) my CPU temperature sensor reads a little spike over 75 degrees C which then throttles my fans to 100% immediately.  The temperature spike lasts only for a second which I was able to monitor using HWinfo application. The issue is that this is very noisy when using the computer.  There are no options to remove the critical limit in BIOS. I cannot control fan curves past 75 degrees C which is ridiculous.

I have been reading about this problem and most of the threads are from 2017 and 2020. Wondering if anyone has a clear answer for my specific situation.

Solutions I've Read:

BIOS Update: One post said he fixed the problem with a BIOS update.  My version is 3006. How do I know if a BIOS update will fix this? How do I know what version of BIOS will allow this? Also what resources (videos, articles) can guide me to do a BIOS update?

BIOS Edit: Another guy, instead of updating his full BIOS, found a way to remap the temperature signal to the averaged motherboard temperature instead of CPU temperature. This was a work around to just avoid the ramp up problem.  However, that only worked for his chassis fan pretty sure and it also renders the BIOS fan curves useless because he is essentially putting in a (more or less) static temperature to avoid that temperature spike.  I'd like to find a more intuitive solution than this if I can.

AI Suite 3: AI Suite 3 (which apparently has the FanExpert program embedded in it) may allow for controlling the fans past the temperature reading of 75 degrees C.  Unfortunately, on a call with ASUS they said AI Suite 3 is not compatible with my motherboard model 390-I GAMING.  Is it true that this is not an option for me? Is there a similar program that can solve my problem via software? Is solving it via software better than solving via BIOS?

Dual Intelligent Processors 5: This is a program that actually has a checkbox on it that says something along the lines of "Critical CPU Temperature 75degC" and you can simply uncheck this box.  Is this an option for me? I have read that this software is extremely finicky. I have also read it's not super advisable to use a software to write values to BIOS. What are the associated risks? Is this software compatible with my hardware?

For anyone that takes the time to help me out I want to thank you in advance.  It's a shame that this has been a problem with ASUS for so long and it's so difficult for me to find a single comfortably documented answer.


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To my knowledge - the temperature is based on T-Case for utilising fan curve control. If you're hitting 75 Celius T-Case, your CPU must run pretty hot. Tcase can be 10-15 degrees lower than DTS temps, sometimes even more. Might be an idea to assess your cooling.

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Might be best to show what chassis you have and the cooling - you'll need to some good cooling and airflow for that i9.

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