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Auto vs Manual AI Overlock Tuner

Level 7
ASUS ROG Strix B550-I

Ai Overclock Tuner in Bios
Manual Vs Auto

I am trying to get my RAM to run at DDR-3200.
The other day I could swear I set Memory Frequency to DDR-3200MHz
and when I booted up somehow all the other RAM timings where set.
CAS Latency was like 28 or something.

Now whenever I try this again it just keeps rebooting.

So what selection allow me to say to the Mobo, tweak all params and get my RAM to run at DDR-3200?

Was it Manual or Auto

(DOCP is crap won't boot on my 4700g)

Documentation says:
Auto - Loads the optimal setting for the system. (BUT IT STILL LETS ME SET RAM SPEED)
Manual - Allows you to individually set overlocking parameters.

Do both adjust other timings based on what I enter?

I wish it would let me see the values when I save to see what it would change instead of reboting every time. I can't tell what's going to happen.

Level 13
Forget the AI tuner and for the love of god DO NOT INSTALL AI SUITE!!!!!!. Do it all manually.
Get a stable clock on CPU first then move on to ram. Plenty of tutorials out there and several on here.

Set all your Settings first to auto or just load the bios defaults...

If you choose DOCP <- This is the setting for your XMP Ram profile. Normaly if you set this and then choose your Profile for your RAM @3200MHZ all settings will be automatically loaded directly from your RAM into the Bios (MHZ, CL and so on...).

Now if you go to save and reboot, the bios will show you all changed settings to your RAM...You can look what will be changed because of DOCP aka XMP and reboot or just hit ESC to go back to the bios....

Maybe you have also a false FCKL (Infinity Fabric Clock) is a 1:1 setting.... so 3200MHZ DDR is 1600MHZ DR so your FCKL musst be also 1600MHZ or AUTO setting. Also the FSB Clock must be 100HZ !!!

Hope i could help 🙂

Thx guys. Looks like Ai over clock Tuner Auto DOES tweak other timings based on Memory Frequency.
Getting strange results though.
I have Same RAM Mobo and two different CPU's to play with.

Load Setup Default ->Ai overclock Tuner Auto -> Memory Frequency -> DDR4-3200MHZ Won't Post.

DOCP DDR4-3200MHZ - Windows Crashes on Startup (Garbled colors etc)
Load Setup Default ->Ai overclock Tuner Auto -> Memory Frequency -> DDR4-3200MHZ - WORKS.

DOCP 3200MHZ refuses to boot on 4700g (CAS 16). Auto 3200 works but Cas Latency is at 22. (And all other timings loose but it works!)

Why would the 3200g work with DOCP 3200MHz but not Auto? I would have figured Auto sets loose timings? Must be setting different timings for different CPUS's
Can't tell what it's picking since everything shows Auto and won't boot.

Ryzen Master does not support 4700g so the only way I can see timings is in bios after boot.

Here is what ASUS Auto chose for 4700g Auto and works. Should I bother lowering Cas Latency?

Uncore 1596.8 MHz
DRAM 1596.8 MHz

DRAM CAS # Latency (CL) 22
Trcdrd 22
Trcdwr 22
DRAM RAS # PRE Time 23
DRAM RAS # ACT Time 53
Back Cycle Time (tRC) 76
Trrds 6
TrrdL 9
Tfaw 34
TwtrS 4
TwtrL 12
Twr 24
Trcpage 0
TrdrdScl 5
TwrwrScl 5
Trfc 560
Trfc2 416
Trfc4 256
Tcwl 18
Trtp 12
Trdwr 11
Twrrd 1
TwrwrSc 1
TwrwrSd 6
TwrwrDd 6
TrdrdSc 1
TrdrdSd 4
TrdrdDd 4
Tcke 8
ProdODT Auto
Cmd2T Auto
Gear Down Mode Auto
Power Down Enable Auto
RttNom Auto
RttWr Auto
RttPark Auto
MemAddrCmdSetup Auto
MemCsOdtSetup Auto
MemCkeSetup Auto
MemCadBusClkDrivStren Auto
MemCaasBusCsOdtDrvStren Auto
MemCasBusCkeDrvStren Auto
Mem Over Clock Fail Count Auto

Command Rate (CR) 1T

DRAM Voltage 1.35 V
DVVP Voltage 0.900V
VTTDDR Voltage 0.675V
VPP_MEM Voltage 2.500V
VDDO Standby Voltage 0.900V

Very strange.

I don't care about OC.
I just want 3200MHZ on my 4700g (upgrading from 3200g)

I tried just fixing the top 6 timings to 16 18 18 18 36, and Bumped SOC offset to + .1 and VDDP to 1.0 from .9. No Post.

I guess I'll stick with CAS 22 for now.

Did you try Xmp-1 in the bios, should pre set the
memory to 3200mhz, 1.35 v , not sure about stock timings

Technically XMP is intel only. I'm using AMD. It's called D.O.C.P. for AMD. As far as I know Asus is the only company that decided to change the name.
Only one D.O.C.P profile shows up. The one that matches the sticker on the ram. And that's the problem it doesn't work. The QVL says it should but it doesn't. The QVL also states it works on Intel (for an AMD Motherboard) and it has a version # that doesn't exist. So not sure how much I trust that QVL.

Bought some 4000Mhz ram that runs fine at D.O.C.P on the 4700g. Will keep this with the 3200g where it is fine at 3200Mhz. Moving on. Messing around with those RAM timing numbers was making me lose my mind. :(.

Super Moderator
flagrant99 wrote:
If my ram is on QVL does that mean it is supposed to work?


The QVL and validation process is designed to ensure the user the best possible chance of compatibility, or more importantly stability. It doesn't ensure or guarantee the kit will operate at the voltage, timings and latency imbedded on the SPD table on the modules without additional tuning. No memory vender will guarantee this, either.

This post should help explain things better.
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