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Audio - Soundcards? ROG swift

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have build a new 1151 system and have a Asus Maximus Ranger VIII.

First time I have come over without a dedicated internal soundcard (Xonar Xense from 2010) to Mobo sound.

Two issues and a general question if anyone can help.

Specs, DT880 600OHM headphones and Creative 2.1 speakers.

1) I had my 2.1 speakers plugged into the lime green socket from the mobo i/o panel. No issues, but when I plugged the headphones into the headphone port at the front, I get no sound through the headphones.

2) I have plugged the headphones into the lime green socket and I didn't get a pop up to adjust the headphone amp (which the manual states would happen) and I find the volume adequate but they're at 100% . On the Xonar Xense I had 600ohms selected and the volume was around 30%.

Bonus 3) Do you guys use a soundcard ?