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Asus x99 XMP help

Level 7
This is the details of my current system:

CPU: Intel 5820k
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S
MB: Asus X99 Deluxe
RAM: Kingston HX428C14PB2K4/16

The RAM is currently running at 2133mhz and whenever i enable XMP Profile 1, the temperature of the CPU will skyrocket to 100s when stress testing. Currently, XMP is turned off as Profile 1 causes high temps and Profile 2 is unstable (causes random BSODs).

I am hoping to get the RAM's advertised speed. I have read a few posts which involves manual tweaks but i have no idea on how to perform this.

Many Thanks!

Level 7

G'day Dragon 🤙
-- Before we begin

Make sure you are setting a 'Stock Overclocking Profile'  under the Tools heading in the BIOS Menu.  Call it your default working profile and save it into the last numbered profile slot.
  When you change the BIOS RAM Freq Setting from 'Auto'  to XMP - this may change other Frequency settings un-beknownst to you.

For example.  If I set a Manual Core Multiplier for my 5820K to  x38 of the Base Clock (BCLK):  38 x 100Mhz = 3.8Ghz  . And after that, I decide to change the Automatic multiplier of the RAM Spd Timing ( 100:133)  to  be set on the Xtreme Memory Performance  profile coded into the RAM.  The ASUS AI OC logic may change other settings to match a performance target.

Alll I can say about this is.. Set ur DRAM Frequenies manually, based on the XMP profile that is displayed on the "Tools"  SPD TIming Register  (or from the ram manufacturer/)

The Noctua Cooler may not be spinning up its fans, making correct contact or just not keeping up with  the TDP of the CPU..  I think the 5820K are like  140~165Watts ??  If all cores are trying to run at 4.8Ghz under load - then u will need a cooler that can draw atleast 180-200 Watts of thermal inefficiency. 
Be sure to check what the other number thingies are doing in ur crazy X99  D3luXee

I run a few X79 \ X99 Systems.  I Love em.. F&*^%  AMD Ryzen.  I will never part with my 6950X and 4820K  and Xeon 1620 V3



This is what my ASUS X99 D3LuvveX - Two Does...

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a n t h r a `X99X` t a c i d e_ _r >~ _X79_X99_ ~ _X299__X996_ ~


Hello dragon7265

Did you get your ram up to speed?

Try raising the VCCSA voltage to 1.25v