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ASUS X99-Deluxe BIOS questions

Level 7
Yo guys,
I installed my new system you see down below in the signature about two weeks ago. After a few "bd" hex codes caused by to much Vccsa an to less vcache everything is fine now. 0.848 v Vccsa and Vcache offset +0.380 v =1,322 V under load was enough.
But there are still four questions left.

1. Am I supposed to set in the menu Ai Tweaker PLL selection LC PLL or SB PLL running a strap of 125 MHz? I took LC PLL.

2. Should I set in Filter PLL "low mode" or "high clock mode" (running125 Mhz strap)? I took high mode.

3. I am running a fixed CPU VRM switching frequency by 400 KHz. Is it recommended to set the CPU Power Phase control to "optimized" or to "extreme" for 24/7 use? The same about DRAM Power Phase controll: Optimized or Extrem?

4. Should I fix the DRAM Switching frequency to 400 KHz running 3000 MHz@ Cl15-15-15-35?

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