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Asus x299 RE6-7900x game fps drop

Level 7
Hi all,

Since 2 or 3 mounths, i can't fix a mystical issue between my 7900x and my RE6.
I can achieve a beautiful 4.8 ghz avx offset 4.6 and 5.0 on the two best core at 1.24
My problem is everything work but not under game... I explain, if i change cpu ratio *
to an overclock or downclock value, i got fps drop ingame. Sole game are unplayable,
On screen effect is like accelerate/decelerate accelerate/decelerate....
it's a pick max fps to half fps value etc with less one second interval...
Normally my oc is ok, i do à full turn on the web to understand every power setting and to mâle a good oc of a 7900x.
The issue happen directly if u change ratio on every mode (specific, usage, sync)...
I began to think is hardware issue but cpu or board...*

***First set up : -asus re6
* * * * * * * * * * -7900x
* * * * * * * * * * -64gb of 3600gtz16 1.35 gskill 8 gb
***** * * * * * * * -psu ax1200i
* * * * * * * * * * - sli 1080 ti port 1 16x and port 2 8x
* * * * * * * * * * -vroc card on *the port 3 x8 with 4x intel optane 32go 2x
* * * * * * * * * * -3x 960 pro (2x in raid cpu dimm port, the last via pch)
* * * * * * * * * * - tbt 3 Add in card on port 4 x8
* * * * * * * * * * - everything is watercooled

**I managed everything in the bios to dispatch correctly my pcie line, i use the 44.
Issue appear also with just one gpu and other port empty

Thank you in advance for helping**

Level 14
Does it do this at default settings, no OC on CPU or Memory?
Have you tried disabling your TB3 card?

Hi menthol,

Thank you for answer. Everything you ask is already write.
Issue appear only when choosing *to change ratio and issue appear with just one gpu mount so without the tbt 3
Thank you*

Level 13
Can you provide a screen cap of your BIOS settings? Just need a usb drive inserted and F12 while on that screen in the BIOS.
Per core OC often does not provide the best performance. Id go for the best possible all cores synched OC and call it a day.
Keep in mind that not all chips are capable of a monumental OC. Most can get 4.6, like 80%. 4.7 57% and 4.8 or more only 16%. Data provided by Silicon lottery. The best source for what chips can do that Ive found. They Bin chips by the hundreds and sometimes thousands and the data is based on what they have acheived with a lot of samples to test. 4.8Ghz on only two cores does not a good sample make. Do that on all 10 and you have a very good chip.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

So, I will develop a little more the issue. I can't post screen this week I'm working away from home.

-If i load optimised settings touching just tbt3, and my vroc ssd = NO in game fps drop.

-If i changed manually power setting WITHOUT touching cpu ratio value ( cpu input 1,8v, cpu core 1.2v, set mode on sync, per core, per usage, auto ratio), ram setting (3600/16/16/16/36 2crt 1.35v), stop intel speed shift, cpu vid off, all c state off. Setting mesh at 2,4 ghz at 0,001 offset, setting tbt 3 workable and vroc on my m.2 ssd = NO in game fps drop.

If i changed the cpu ratio value, with all the other settings up or off (except *cpu core 1,20 to 1,25v to test over 4.0ghz) with a big (49) or a little (33) ratio in sync, per core or per usage = in game fps drop...

I can achieve a very stable oc with validate test on super pie, occt or cinebench *but in game is a **** unplayable... like if I touch ratio cpu value, cpu and gpu can't speak correctly...

In windows turbo 3.0 app is on or off, in bios native-legacy = no change.*

It's why I'm posting here, it's a crazy issue 2 mounths on that ****...
Have to work my video and picture with a oc profile and when i want to play a game, go in bios and set cpu to default ratio value....*

I think I have to rma one of the couple but who the re6 or the cpu???*

Level 14
Can you monitor with HWinfo or SIV during your game to see your CPU core utilization and if cores are throttling during gaming or if it's a Vid card down clocking etc.

Vid card is ok, have usage pick on cpu when fps drop happen.

New observation...
I put my two gtx 1080 ti in the slot 1 and 2.
Under bios I see one in x16, the other in 8x
In slot 3, my asus hyper 16x (with 4 32 gb optane) recognize in x2... and two of the 4 ssd are enable.

Dimm 2 slot empty, pcie x4 pch empty and last pcie x8 empty.

It's like I can have more than 28 lane...

So with the ratio issue and pcie lane issue, what do you think motherboard or cpu issue.

I tried with hyper x4 (with 900p) in the slot of hyper x16, it's recognize in x4

Normal set up;
2gtx 1080 ti pcie cpu 1-2 (16x-8x)
hyper x4 pch x4 (x4)
Hyper x16 *pcie cpu 3 (x8)
Tbt 3 card pcie cpu 4(x4)
2 m.2 on dimm 2 cpu (8x)
One m.2 on pch slot**4x

44 lanes would be full but when every body in place have also vroc card recognize in x2*

Level 7
With OC to 5Ghz don't forget to raise the Input voltage. If the IVR doesn't get enough juice it throttles the CPU under load, without monitoring programms really picking it up. But it's just a guess without exact bios settings no one can tell for sure.

Set input voltage between 1.8-1.9v no change. Fps drop happen also with all core sync at 3.3ghz. I will put the screenshot today