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Asus WS C621E + Xeon Platinum QL1K Chips

Level 7
Hey all, I have an Asus WS C621E along with a couple of 24 core xeon platinum ES chips (QL1K is the label on the chips). Unfortunately they won't boot on the Asus board, but they will on my Supermicro X11DPH-T. Currently on initial boot they get stuck at post code 04 which is PCH initialization. Now if I hit the reset button at that point it'll cycle through some codes and end with 66 and one long beep followed by two short beeps which indicates a memory error (tried memory in all slots and the memory does work on the supermicro board).

I want to use the Asus board since it has the ability to lock the turbo multiplier (overclocks to 3.2) so I can get some extra performance out of them (along with that the extra IO is nice).

Any idea why it would work on the Supermicro board and not the Asus board and if so, is there a way to get it to work?

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Level 7
Hopefully some BIOS Masters can help us I am very interested too.

Same prob as MIT above- dual 16 core xeon gold QLQ9s (B0 Stepping) on ASUS WS-C621E motherboard, updated to BIOS 0801.
Will not boot, will not even finish post with these B0 stepping cpus. Hangs at code 66 PXE initialization, after temporary stall at code 5 and 14. Have checked & changed CPU, RAM, sockets, etc and they all work. The CPUs work fine with supermicro DPG-QT mainboard. What is the ASUS BIOS or firmware difference from Supermicro DP boards that could cause this, and is there an update or flash mod that could get my cpus to work like they do on Supermicro boards?

AMI Bios on this board shows s/n AI1316-A0-1719
Contacted AMIBIOS, they claim every BIOS is customized by the vendor, so only ASUS knows.