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Asus strix z370i and I5 8600k overheating

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I’ve an Asus strix z370i with a i5 8600k and a 1070ti and an AIO cooler master masterliquid.

I didn’t have thermal paste at first so I assembled it without and already in the bios it was at 70c so I turned it off immediately and went to buy some (not of great quality though). I was really surprised as back in the day the thermal paste was only a way to improve the temperature and not needed part of the computer.

Now it run at 40c but if I try to even barely, under usage it goes over 90c (in the bios there are 3 options, normal, fast and extreme, if not in normal it will overheat and if I enable XMP it will overheat).

At normal, it idle around 40c, normal browsing (video, music and so on) at 50c and gaming touch 70c (seems normal temperature to me, maybe a little higher while gaming but still normal, no sure).

With 3D Mark benchmark it reachs 85c top.

Is it possible that, for some reason, there is too much space between the cpu and the AIO and so the cooling isn’t working well? Otherwise it seems to me that even if it’s a 8600k it’ll not be possible to oc it and it seems so strange.

I tried everything, less paste, more paste, remove some spacers for the AIO to be sure that it’ll go as down as possible but nothing improved the situation.

Is it possible that the metal holder of the cpu isn’t correctly placed (I had to force it a little bit to close it) and so it doesn’t allow the AIO to completely touch the cpu (and so the heat is moved only by the thermal paste that is filling the gap)? Maybe some chip in the motherboard doesn't let the AIO go as down as needed (as it's a wide AIO)?

Otherwise, when OC is it normal to work at such high temperature (100c+)?

Is it a normal situation? What do you think/suggest?

Thank you for your help.


Super Moderator

Please specify the part number of the cooler being used.

Some photos of the CPU cooler mounted may possibly help to ascertain if it's a contact issue. Thermal paste is needed to fill in the minor imperfections between the IHS and CPU cooler, without, or if used liberally will have a bad impact on thermals.
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