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ASUS ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi + BIOS v2007 + AMD RYZEN 9 7950X3D

Level 8

Hey there!

I'm using this Board with the 7950X3D, but when I'm only playing games, I like to deactivate the CCD1 and drive my CCD0 with 5.400MHz, by an increased BLCK2 of 102,8MHz (=5.397MHz).

One of my 7950X3D-Community-Members told me "Hey Reaper, I got the problem, that my CCD1 doesn't boost higher as ~5.600MHz, can you please check what's going on?!", so I did and at the first moment I thought that the Multiplicator is locked at 56x, but I searched more further for a solution and realized, that it's not the Multiplicator which has been locked, but instead of that, the maximum frequency of the CCD1 is locked at ~5.600MHz!

What are you doing ASUS?

I figured this out, by increasing the BLCK2 to 101,3MHz. That increasement should be able, to drive my CCD1, by a Multiplicator of 57,5x (maximum since Bios v0611), to (my personal maximum of) 5.824,75MHz on CCD1, but the only thing that happens is, that the board lowers the maximum availlable Multiplicator.

I hope for confirmation from the community in here and then I hope for an Update of the Bios - fast.
As a Sidenote: E23090006975-0008 is my created ticket for that specific problem, so please keep that in mind "it's reported already".

My second ticket: E23090006975-0007 is because you did some more updates on Armoury Crate and they messed up my LED-Lightning-Control by AURORA again. I'm very annoyed that such things are happening so often, that I stoped counting them.

As always -peace-

Do not regret the mistakes in your life! But do regret the words who remain unspoken!

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @3AP3RK1N6 

As I am not familiar with German, please feel free to point out any misunderstandings I may have during the review process.
Regarding the CPU overclocking issue, we have provided you with feedback in E23090006975-0008.
May I ask if you currently have any further concerns?
Regarding the Armoury Crate problem, our team has requested Armoury Crate logs from you, but we have not yet received them from you to proceed with further analysis.

Kindly consider continuing to provide information about the local service center, or we will once again confirm your issue context, hardware specifications, and other relevant information to avoid information or language gaps.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂