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ASUS ROG STRIX Laptop overclocking question.

Level 7

I've got an ASUS G731GT laptop with a GeForce 1650 and i7 9750h. Laptop runs all of what i play pretty well but I average around 60-75fps on my current graphics settings in MW. Obviously I can get a better framerate by decreasing some settings in game but what I'm currently running is where I'd like to stay, anything less really bothers me and IMO isn't worth the extra fps. Point is sometimes my fps will drop below 60 to 50-55ish and those times is when i really notice and it bothers me, generally I'm a fast moving player and it ruins my experience.

Looking to smooth this out a bit. I have the ASUS GPU tweak 2 program and ran a novabench on it last night around 1800ish mhz and came back with a decently increased score on the gpu side.

My question is how far could one assume I can safely overclock this? Do I need to increase voltage with it? Memory clock speed etc? Anything I should or shouldn't do would be greatly appreciated.